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The 5 essential building blocks of a quick, safe and secure cloud migration
How to move to the cloud quickly and safely 1
Lift and Shift  Three simple words with an understated level of complexity for migrating to the cloud. Let us be honest for a second though – if migrating to the cloud was easy to do, most companies would have already done it and more than likely, done it themselves. Any form of cloud migration can…
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What can the UK Government teach Financial Services about cloud adoption?
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HSBC and AWS have just announced a massive, strategic deal that indicates a clear direction of travel for one of the world’s largest banks. So, is this a sign that one of the more cloud-sceptical sectors is really changing tack? Or is it another big cloud deal that works well around the edges but doesn’t…
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Team psychology and emotional intelligence in product management
At the heart of it, product management is about bringing people with the right skills together and creating the right environment to develop products that solve problems for users and businesses. Bringing people together with varying personalities, experiences, and views, within a team can enable you to make great products. But these teams are wonderfully…
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Using AWS Glue to query AWS CloudWatch Logs
Recently I was asked to provide a quick, efficient and streamlined way of querying AWS CloudWatch Logs via the AWS Console. These logs were already being streamed to an AWS S3 bucket, and so I initially thought of simply interrogating the logs via AWS Insights. However, upon further investigation, I quickly saw some drawbacks to…
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13 ways to reduce your spending on AWS
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Many companies have already started their cloud adoption journey however those newer to cloud often state that their biggest challenge is lack of resources or skills. As companies become more advanced in their use of cloud the challenge shifts towards managing cloud spend[i]. Many successfully move to the cloud but struggle to control cost sprawl,…
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Has your journey to cloud delivered on the promise?
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Before jumping right into the topic of cloud journeys, I’d like to step back in time to look at how many journeys start, including my own. The date was June 5th 2011 and I’d just touched down in New York to attend the Cloud Expo. By this stage I’d been specialising in cloud for about…
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How to build a business case for making the move to cloud
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Moving to the cloud promises to help companies reduce costs, increase security and become more agile. However, despite these worthwhile benefits, moving workloads to the cloud still needs a strong business case, just like any other major IT project. A conversation with my CFO at a previous workplace still rings in my ear, “Why would…
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Designing in times of crisis
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We have a large design capability here at Kainos, and group sessions of research, analysis, collaboration, workshops and creative brainstorming sessions are a key part of our work. In this free guide, our Design team offer some advice and tips on how to make remote sessions like these work, as well as ensuring all participants feel empowered to contribute.
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How to move to the cloud quickly and safely
How to move to the cloud quickly and safely 1
50% of company workloads and data are expected to be in Public Cloud within 12 months[i]. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have seen their timelines accelerated and companies who were yet to think about cloud adoption have had to come up with a cloud strategy almost overnight. Unfortunately, you can’t just…
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13 ways to reduce your spending on Azure
How to unlock cost savings on azure scaled
Controlling cloud spend is listed alongside security and governance as one of the biggest challenges that companies are currently facing – many companies that are over budget on cloud overspend by an average of 23%[i]. If your company has adopted Microsoft Azure as their cloud computing platform there are a suite of services, tools and…
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