Alistair Cowan
Alistair cowan
Alistair is a seasoned Principal Architect, having over a decade of experience operating within IT services, telecoms, and FinTech industry sectors. Since joining Kainos, Alistair has led teams within multiple high-profile cloud migration and digital transformation projects across various UK Government departments. Alistair is passionate about delivery, and prides himself on strong leadership of his teams to deliver cloud-centric solutions of robust, secure, scalable, and cost efficient design, on time and within budget.
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The top cloud trends of 2021
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These days, everyone is already using the Cloud, right? Not so! It’s easy to assume that cloud is ubiquitous across most organisations, but as Andy Jassy (CEO, AWS) stated in his re:Invent keynote a few days ago, over 96% of compute still resides off-cloud in traditional datacentres – quite the eyeopener! Barriers to cloud adoption…
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